Ongoingly I’ve worked on a series of caricatures documenting the various faces and personas that define rock and roll.
In 2017, a few of these were exhibited at The Loftworks Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio for their show “Sketchbook Heroes: Caricatures of Rock Icons.”


In December 2016, a friend of mine made a resolution to draw one caricature a day for the month of January. He created a list, posted it on facebook, and before we knew it, hundreds of artists all over the world joined in. Caricature Resolution has been going strong since, my friend creating a new list of famous faces each year and artists all over the world posting their work each day. The list has included internationally known celebrities of all kinds (musicians, models, activists, politicians, etc.).

One common theme has been actors. Here’s a selection of Hollywood stars I’ve drawn as part of the resolution challenge.

Political Cartoons