Great design has the power to create a better world.

But first, you need to get making.

Interactive print ads will direct readers to start using their building skills.
Users will cut out a square of paper from the ad itself to make a small piece of origami furniture.

Videos will demonstrate making the print.

IKEA will offer innovative design in pages of their catalogues. Readers will be directed to cut out and fold a lamp made of glow in the dark paper and encouraged to use it in places that would benefit from extra light.

Mini IKEA show rooms will be installed in store home decor aisles, reminding shoppers to build their home before they decorate.

In the IKEA store, pop-up origami rooms will entertain kids shopping with their parents, showing them what they have the ability to make.

The IKEA Museum in Sweden will host an exhibit of furniture designs made solely from origami paper.

Copywriter: Danny Carlon