Nudes began as an art exhibition of over seventy drawings and woodcuts in 2016. Then it became a self-published collection of life drawing. Now it’s an ongoing drawing exploration and fascination with the human body combining my loves of art, caricature, figure drawing, and ink.

Here is a sampling of images from the original show.

Nudes the life drawing book is a collection of all the secrets about the human body learned during these figure drawing sessions, revealing everything readers never knew about people wearing clothes (they have butts).

Written, illustrated, and designed by me. Bodies drawn live with traditional ink and brush. Lessons written daydreaming. Published 2017.

In honor of the figures in this book, 50% of proceeds from each copy are always donated to Planned Parenthood to support their work protecting our bodies. Forever grateful to the friends and strangers who have supported the project.
(You guys are weird.)

$10.00 plus shipping
Available online here and at Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago.